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Canadian Water Network

Canadian Water Network makes University of Waterloo home

The Canadian Water Network was created in 2001 as one of Canada’s Networks of Centres of Excellence and is headquartered at UW. The network develops opportunities related to the provision of safe, clean water. In collaboration with universities, governments and industry, it has initiated a variety of creative scientific projects and initiatives that address key water-related issues facing Canadians. CWN is creating an integrated national “innovation knowledge network” that embraces strong multidisciplinary and multi-sectoral partnerships. Its programs focus on national issues of strategic importance in protecting watersheds and ecosystems, public health and ensuring sustainable water infrastructure. It has grown to include 51 research projects involving 172 researchers, 160 collaborators and 320 graduate students. Researchers and students represent 36 universities and research institutions from every Canadian province. Dr. Mark Servos is the Director of the network and holder of the Canada Research Chair in Water Quality Protection.