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Dr. Michel Fich

SCUBA-2 telescope astronomy project based in Hawaii

Dr. Michel Fich is the principal Canadian investigator on the SCUBA-2 project to develop the world’s most powerful camera at sub-millimetre wavelengths. It will be used at the James Clerk Maxwell Telescope in Hawaii. He is also the lead co-investigator for Canada for the high-resolution spectrometer for the Hershel Space Observatory. Hershel will be launched by the European Space Agency in August 2007. Dr. Fich is also a co-investigator on the Odin and ALMA projects. Odin is a satellite observatory designed to study water and molecular oxygen in the universe. ALMA will be the world’s most-sensitive millimetre/sub-millimetre wavelength telescope. It will be located at very high altitude in Chile and, with many partners from every continent, will be the first true “world observatory.”