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Dr. Robert Hecky

United Nations University Chair researches African lakes, rivers

Dr. Robert Hecky, Biology, is the holder of the United Nations University Chair in African Lakes and Rivers and lead member of the African Lakes and Rivers Research Group at UW. He has led research programs at Lake Tanganyika, Lake Malawi and Lake Victoria focusing on protecting water quality and fisheries in the face of increased population and climate change. Many African graduate students have come to Waterloo to receive advanced degrees in aquatic ecology and are working on environmental problems as government scientists or academics in Egypt, Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania and Uganda. Other studies include measuring climate change in Ghana's Sahel region from sediments in Lake Bosumtwi, evaluating the role of nutrient loading and hydrodynamics affecting water quality in Winam Gulf of Lake Victoria and assessing the impact of fish cage culture in Lake Malawi. He is also an expert on North America's Great Lakes.