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Research Profiles

Faculty of Science researchers push the boundaries of scientific knowledge and excellence by studying such diverse areas as nanotechnology, quantum computing, and cancer growth.

Peter BernathAtmospheric Chemistry Experiment studies depletion of ozone layer

Dr. Peter Bernath leads a team of international scientists studying depletion of the ozone layer with information gathered from the Canadian SCISAT-1 more

Ramon AravenaWater resources network assists Central American countries

Dr. Ramon Aravena is leading an innovative development project to create a graduate program in water resources at the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Nicaragua and the Universidad de San Carlos, more

Colin MayfieldVirtual Learning Centre for Water developed by Waterloo professor

The Canadian-based Internet program called the “Virtual Learning Centre for Water” is offered by the United Nations University and was developed by UW’s Dr. Colin more

Maurice DusseaultResearch into heavy oil exploration in China

Dr. Baoci Xu and Dr. Maurice Dusseault are providing technical expertise to assist in the operation of the Daqing oilfield in more

Barry WarnerRestoration of Iraqi marshes major project of wetlands group

Dr. Barry Warner of UW’s Wetlands Research Centre is the principal investigator for an Iraqi project that uses Canadian technical and policy more

SCUBA-2 telescope astronomy project based in Hawaii

Dr. Michel Fich is the principal Canadian investigator on the SCUBA-2 project to develop the world’s most powerful camera at sub-millimetre more

Conservation of wetlands in Kenya under investigation

Dr. William Taylor and PhD student Sunita Sakar are working with Dr. David Western, Director of the African Conservation Centre in Nairobi, on a project investigating all the major wetlands of the archipelago at the base of Mount more

United Nations University Chair researches African lakes, rivers

Dr. Robert Hecky, Biology, is the holder of the United Nations University Chair in African Lakes and Rivers and lead member of the African Lakes and Rivers Research Group at more

NATO funding for new diagnostic probe

Dr. Donna Strickland, Physics, and Dr. Leonid Losev of the Lebedev Institute in more

Studies to protect drinking water wells from nutrient contamination

A research project that has widespread implications for source water protection and involves collaboration across two UW faculties is underway in Woodstock, more

Canadian Water Network makes University of Waterloo home

The Canadian Water Network was created in 2001 as one of Canada’s Networks of Centres of Excellence and is headquartered at more

Surface, groundwater management research for the oil sands industry

A research project into surface and groundwater management in the oil sands industry is being headed by Dr. George Dixon, Biology, UW’s Dean of more

Testing a diagram tool for students learning particle physics

Dr. Robert Mann is studying the use of the Feynman Diagrams Tool in his Introduction to Particle Physics more

Waterloo Centre for Atmospheric Sciences a leader in air pollution control research

The 25 researchers and support staff at the Waterloo Centre for Atmospheric Sciences are working to gain a comprehensive understanding of air pollution sources and developing methods to control more

Finding ways for bacteria to perform new functions

Having bacteria become more environmentally friendly instead of using chemicals such as pesticides and herbicides to assure better crop yields is studied by Dr. Bernard Glick, more

Dr. James Barker, Earth Sciences, heads research into integrated groundwater and surface water remediation and more


Dr. David Blowes, Earth Sciences, studies the remediation of groundwater contaminated by dissolved more

World-renowned researchers discover groundwater contamination solutions

Waterloo's “dynamic duo” for solving groundwater contamination problems are Earth Sciences professors Dr. John Cherry and Dr. Robert Gillham of the Waterloo Institute for Groundwater more

Waterloo pump brings water to the world

A pump designed by two University of Waterloo professors 20 years ago is still bringing clean water to people in developing more

Isotope lab a leader in environmental research

UW's Environmental Isotope Laboratory, in the Department of Earth Sciences, is one of the largest in the world and develops and applies technology for research primarily in earth sciences and more

Dr. Bruce Greenberg, Biology, studies the effect of increased ultraviolet-B radiation on more

Functional genomics research breakthrough expected to aid agriculture and human health

Breakthrough research findings led by Dr. John Thompson, Biology, have implications for agriculture and human more

Stress detection in animals highlights genomics facility work

Dr. Matt Vijayan, Biology, heads Waterloo’s Facility for Environmental Genomics and Biomarker Development that is involved in the molecular and biochemical characterization of the stress response process in more

Groundwater research group enables independent, collaborative opportunities

The Waterloo Institute for Groundwater Research is composed of scientists with interests in a wide variety of topics related to more

UW School of Pharmacy set for downtown Kitchener campus

The University of Waterloo is creating a Health Sciences Campus, anchored by its School of Pharmacy, in downtown more

Dr. Brendan McConkey, Biology, is an expert in protein structure and function, bioinformatics and proteomics. The determination of the structure of protein is crucial to understand the role it plays within a cell. Since there are complete genetic codes for several species, his research identifies and determines their function and associated protein products.

Dr. David Spafford, Biology, has a Canada Foundation for Innovation grant for health-related research. Studies in advanced electrophysiology - electrical activity in the heart - measure the activities of voltage-gated calcium channels in brain functions. His discovery of calcium channel pharmaceuticals is beneficial for treating high blood pressure, angina, arrhythmia, migraines, chronic pain and epilepsy.