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Dr. Matt Vijayan

Stress detection in animals highlights genomics facility work

Dr. Matt Vijayan, Biology, heads Waterloo’s Facility for Environmental Genomics and Biomarker Development that is involved in the molecular and biochemical characterization of the stress response process in animals. The multidisciplinary research includes toxicology, physiology and molecular studies along with functional genomics, proteomics, quantification and cellular localization of genes and proteins in animals. Dr. Vijayan uses rainbow trout as a model for the research and also examines the mechanisms of dioxin toxicity in fish. He is also doing nutritional studies involving Arctic char and stress indicators for polar and grizzly bears. The facility assists in the development and validation of “signature” molecular and biochemical probes for stress detection in animals. Since its inception, the facility has fostered interdisciplinary collaboration within Waterloo as well as attracting national and international linkages.