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Dr. Barry Warner

Barry WarnerRestoration of Iraqi marshes major project of wetlands group

Dr. Barry Warner, Director of UW’s Wetlands Research Group, is heading a project that is contributing scientific expertise in the restoration of the Mesopotamian marshes in Southern Iraq. The marshes where the Tigris and Euphrates rivers meet have regional and global significance both for biodiversity and human culture. The marshes were reduced to seven per cent of their original size in the 1990s due to numerous dam projects upstream in Turkey, Syria and Iraq. Restoring the marshes is helping in the repatriation of the Ma’dan people and the re-establishment of their traditional lifestyles and culture. Waterloo researchers also assist in the development of wetland science and restoration expertise in Iraqi institutions and are facilitating the development of a National Wetland Program and Strategy in coordination with existing programs in the Middle East and internationally. The research group is committed to research and training in all aspects of wetlands, including evaluation and classification, ecology, hydrology, geochemistry, function, values, management and conservation.