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Waterloo Centre for Atmospheric Sciences

Waterloo Centre for Atmospheric Sciences a leader in air pollution control research

The 25 researchers and support staff at the Waterloo Centre for Atmospheric Sciences are working to gain a comprehensive understanding of air pollution sources and developing methods to control them. Director is Dr. James Sloan, holder of the NSERC/OPG Industrial Research Chair in Atmospheric Sciences. As environmental problems are growing in complexity and scope, the centre is providing accurate and timely air quality assessment and forecasting. The goal is to understand the effects of a wide range of pollutants emitted by multiple sources on different geographical and temporal scales. To deal with this complex situation, it is necessary to use an integrated modelling, meteorological and analysis framework such as that operated by Waterloo’s Atmospheric Modelling Facility. This enables environmental managers to be able to evaluate air quality management practices for multiple pollutants at multiple scales and under real meteorological conditions. It allows scientists to probe, understand and determine the results of specific chemical and physical interactions in the atmosphere. This gives the public more accurate and timely information about potentially dangerous conditions related to air quality.