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Web Space FAQs

How do I obtain my web space?

  1. Click on "Start" and select "Run"

  2. Now type "telnet" and select "OK"

  3. Wait until sciborg prompts you for a login then type in your userid only . Please note, do not put in anything after the @ sign (ie. if you have a login helpdesk@science when you log into a Nexus station then you only have to type helpdesk to log into sciborg)

  4. Now type in your Unix/sciborg or your E-mail password which should be the same as your Nexus login password.

  5. A typical screen when you log into sciborg. If you see sciborg%23 or something similar to that, don't panic. Now type mkhomepage to obtain your web space. Then type chmod o+x ~ (Note: this is the tilde character). What this does, it will create a directory called "public_html" in your sciborg account with all appropriate permisions for web access.

Now I had done all that, what will my URL be?

Your URL (Universal Resource Locator) or web address will be: Your userid is the Nexus userid that you need to sign onto our Nexus system on campus.

How do I get my HTML documents upload into sciborg when I'm on campus?

The easiest way for you to upload webpages (*.html) document on campus is to map your network drive on sciborg. Since sciborg allow Nexus station to mount it as Samba drive, it is the most convenience way to upload web pages into your sciborg account. However, before you attempt to upload your web documents, make sure you claim your web space so that proper directories and permissions are set to allow web access to your web page.

How do I get my HTML documents upload into sciborg when I'm off campus?

1. In order to upload your HTML documents from home to sciborg, you need to establish an Internet connection. You can either register for any commercial ISP (Internet Service Provider) or get a Dial-up Terminal Account from University of Waterloo at MC 1052.

2. Now that you are online, you need to decide what to use to upload documents into sciborg. The protocol that allows you to upload and download informations from a unix machine (ie. sciborg) is called FTP (Files Transfer Protocol). There is a built-in FTP within Windows 95 / 98 but it's command line interface so it's not very "user-friendly". However, there are several commercial FTP software available to us for use. For instance, there are CuteFTP, Ws_FTP and so on. For illustration purpose, I'll walk you thru the usage of the two software packages that I mentioned above.

3. Click here for the screen shots of how to use CuteFTP

4. For those who want to use the FTP feature of Internet Explorer, the FTP address is